Blackhill Woods Retreat

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Stay with us, share our home.



Bespoke Retreats / Yoga & Therapy / Natural Stillness

“It is by being within our true nature that we listen to experience all we are and retreat till we find what we needed to be heard.”

Blackhill Woods Retreat welcomes and opens its doors for you to experience this uniquely beautiful abundant place in nature. It is our honour to share with you this magical ancient woodland, our gorgeous country house and peaceful yoga and well being sanctuary all nestled on 5 acres of serenity in the heart of Ireland.

We provide beautiful Accommodation, flowing & releasing Yoga, natural well being Therapies, Workshops and Bespoke Retreats all designed to allow you to unravel, breathe and focus on yourself, your art, your writing or just being you and enjoying the scenery. We openly invite you to browse our pages to see, feel or know how we can be of service to you.

Blackhill Woods Retreat offers Bespoke Retreats especially tailored to fit you. We love living here, meeting new people and sharing this stunningly beautiful piece of natural ancient Ireland and hope you will too!

  Our Retreats and Yoga Workshops